Welcome to my Website!

The home of reviving old PC's with new hardware, and brining them up to date.

This is my Youtube channel! -TeFetti.

My main PC contains a 6600k ,a 780Ti and a corrupted install of Windows 10 make a great gaming machine! .

In case you were actually wondering, my GTX 780 Ti is currently for sale for $240! The card is an ASUS DirectCU II OC Card, and if you are interested an eBay listing is coming soon!

I also have a 2006 PC with the top of the line Intel Core 2 Quad paired with a today's mid-range card - a 750Ti. insert more cliffhangers!

There is lots more content to come! Stay tuned for my $500 2600k and GTX 960 build coming soon....... YES, it is legitimately $500 bucks with 2 monitors. Insert all the cliffhangers!